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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Test Post from Patty

This is only a test....

Island Dunes Putting Contest Winners

Test Post from Diana

This is only a test...

Island Dunes Putting Contest

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello Hello!!
Here are a few pictures, trying to work cooperatively with this computer!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello, thank you for checking in with us.....
The sun is shining and no rain in the forecast for a few days! The pool has attracted a lot of attention these last few days - soak up the Vitamin D!! The beach looks pretty inviting also!!
  • Tonight the POA is holding their Annual Meeting with the Organizational meeting immediately following. The meeting will be at Bldg 2 at 7pm. You are welcome to attend.
  • Pest Control is being done tomorrow - Thursday, February 13. Starting at 14 and working down.
  • Shutter Inspections are scheduled for February 24 - 28. Again, starting at 14 and working down. Expert Shutters will perform an inspection, document any issues and notify the owner of such. The office will receive a copy of all inspections.
  • The AC clean/maintenance is still being offered by Premiere Plumbing for the month of March for $49.99. Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board by the office or you may call directly at 772-692-2500.
  • A Board of Directors Organizational Meeting is being held on Thursday, February 13, 2014 in the Social Room of our building at 2 pm. You are welcome to attend. This meeting is for the Board to appoint Officers and new business as requested.
And another "Season" is upon us.....the TURTLES are back! March 1 begins the "lights out" rule! Remember, no light is allowed to show through your windows facing East. The County does have employees that will walk the beach at night and note any violations; the fine can be quite steep! Please use extra care on the beach during the nesting season!

  • The Social Committee is in full swing!!! Calendars are available in the lobby. A few events coming up are:
  • Valentines Party on Friday, February 14 in the social Room starting at 5:30 - BYOB!! Food, Music and Dancing....who could pass that opportunity up and not even have to drive to enjoy!! Everyone is invited!!!
  • Gentle Yoga is being held on Friday's in the Social Room from 10:30 - 11:30am, the fee is 10$. Sign up on the bulletin board.
  • Bingo will be held on February 19 at Bldg 2.
  • Pancake Breakfast in the Social Room on Saturday, February 22.
  • Every Tuesday is Mah Jongg in the Social Room at 1pm.
  • Every Tuesday Bridge is played in the Social Room at 7pm. sign up is on the bulletin board.
  • Poker is played on Thursday nights at 7pm in the Game room.
  • If you are interested in joining the Book Club, contact Laura O. in Unit # 1410.
The picture upload is not cooperating with me again! Just walk outside and see the beautiful sights yourself, relax and enjoy; meet new friends and bond with the old ones! Take care and have a good night!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Afternoon!
What a busy few weeks we have had; the best part has been seeing all the smiles! We are always glad to see you!

Mike Monin has resigned from the Board of Directors. Mike has given over 10 years of service on the Board;  Thank you , Mike.
The Association Board is: Rip Rapacki, Paul Barton, Todd Dembowske, Joanne Gillease and Robert Hammond.

Social Committee:
Gentle Yoga is being hosted in the Social Room at 11am Friday (February 7); please bring a mat or a towel.
A Valentines Party is in the planning stages; further info to follow!
February 19th is BINGO at Building II in the Social Room at 7pm.
A Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for February 22, 2014.
The social room was full of super bowl fans - 4 of which walked away with prize money: Doug Smith, Lori Chovanec, Gerald Walters and Gerry Wickline (luck was with them!!!)

Don't forget to get your shutter inspection information to the office! Inspections are scheduled for the last week of February.
There have been issues of late regarding the Rules & Regulations that have been set in  place for the building; please contact the office during business hours should you need another copy of the rules. Pets and pool rules are the main cause of concern.
Don't forget to return the carts to the storage room when you are finished.

New chairs & chaise lounges have been received; this is part of an ongoing process for replacing the old furniture.
Car vacuum has been fixed and is working.
POA Board is in discussions regarding landscaping on the "road" side of the property.

Have a great night!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The month is almost over - ! 235 shopping days until Santa comes!!!!!

And we have rain we are working on some of those "inside projects".

  • Ron & Steve have undertaken the task of inventorying the bike storage room. If you have a bike in the storage room that was previously registered, a new registration sticker is being placed over the existing one for the purpose of having an accurate registration list. A determination will also be made if the bike is usable; those owners will be notified of disposal. More to follow on this task.
We have not received a good number of SHUTTER INSPECTION sheets/payments. Please get those to the office soon. The inspections are scheduled for the end of February; this is a MANDATORY inspection.

The Annual Air conditioning Inspection has been offered by Premier Plumbing at a price of $49.99. A sign up sheet is located on the bulletin board by the office. This is your choice and scheduling/payment is arranged through Premier Plumbing.

A reminder....make sure your vehicle has a parking permit issued by Security! Also, please make sure that you secure your vehicle for your benefit!

The POA will hold it's Annual Meeting on February 12, 2014 at 7pm in the Social Room of Building 2. Organizational Meeting information to follow.

The Social Committee is sponsoring a Super Bowl Event for this Sunday, February 2, 2014. 
A "soft yoga" demonstration will be held in the social Room February 7, 2014 at 11am until 12:30 pm. All are invited...this one is a freebie!!

Bingo will be on February 5, Wednesday, in the Social Room; mark your calendars!

When the sun does shine and you all are enjoying the poolside, please remember that pets are not allowed in the pool area; they must be carried to, from and through the area. Children under 10 are not allowed in the hot tub, at all. Rules are posted in conspicuous places at the pool area.

When the sun visits us again, there will be pictures! In the meantime, stay warm & dry; keep a smile on your face and hope in your heart!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wacky Weather Wednesday!! As we all are VERY aware - this weather is NOT what we bargained for in choosing our piece of paradise!! Be patient.....we will get warm again some time soon!
  • As most are aware, the Boiler has been having some issues - extensive wiring work had to be done and the boiler is running as it should.
  • The program for the tele-entry has been installed and is ready for updates! Remember, you must have local phone number (land or cell) to be programmed into the system.
  • The new "scrubber" machine has been received; Ron takes care of the catwalks amongst his many duties!
  • Today at 3pm the Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors was held; this meeting was to appoint officers. Your Officers for 2014 are:
President: Mike Monin (#206)
Vice President: Todd Dembowski (#1309)
Treasurer: Rip Rapacki (#1404)
Secretary: Robert Hammond (#1006)
Director: Paul Barton (#1106)
  • The Representatives from our building to the Country Club are: Doug Smith and John Rozek.
  • POA representatives are Paul Gillease, Ralph Hauser and Doug Smith
  • We have received a good number of payments for the REQUIRED shutter inspections - if you have not sent your fee, please do so quickly so that we may get the schedule finalized. Thank you!
  • Premier Plumbing has a sign up sheet for the AC Check that is offered yearly on the Office Bulletin Board - The special price is only good for the month of March - $ 49.99!!
  • The Social Committee has a brief schedule of events that have been planned. Copies are available in the lobby (a full schedule of events!!!). Every Tuesday @ 1pm is Mah Jongg in the Social Room and every Tuesday evening at 7pm Bridge is played in the Social Room. Every Thursday at 7pm is Poker night - this is held in the game room. Friday, January 24 is the next TGIF - join the party!! Of course there is a Super Bowl Party!!! February 2 chili, pizza and hot dogs will be served during the game - AND don't forget to buy a square - you could win some $$$$$!
  • The Book Club is back! Contact Laura O., Unit # 1410 for further information. The social Room also has a small "library" of books donated from folks in the building. You are welcome to these books and feel free to add to the shelves also!
If you should have any questions, comments or concerns; please e-mail information to:
Have yourself a good evening and stay "warm"!!!!