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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Afternoon!
What a busy few weeks we have had; the best part has been seeing all the smiles! We are always glad to see you!

Mike Monin has resigned from the Board of Directors. Mike has given over 10 years of service on the Board;  Thank you , Mike.
The Association Board is: Rip Rapacki, Paul Barton, Todd Dembowske, Joanne Gillease and Robert Hammond.

Social Committee:
Gentle Yoga is being hosted in the Social Room at 11am Friday (February 7); please bring a mat or a towel.
A Valentines Party is in the planning stages; further info to follow!
February 19th is BINGO at Building II in the Social Room at 7pm.
A Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for February 22, 2014.
The social room was full of super bowl fans - 4 of which walked away with prize money: Doug Smith, Lori Chovanec, Gerald Walters and Gerry Wickline (luck was with them!!!)

Don't forget to get your shutter inspection information to the office! Inspections are scheduled for the last week of February.
There have been issues of late regarding the Rules & Regulations that have been set in  place for the building; please contact the office during business hours should you need another copy of the rules. Pets and pool rules are the main cause of concern.
Don't forget to return the carts to the storage room when you are finished.

New chairs & chaise lounges have been received; this is part of an ongoing process for replacing the old furniture.
Car vacuum has been fixed and is working.
POA Board is in discussions regarding landscaping on the "road" side of the property.

Have a great night!

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