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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello to you.....apologies for not posting sooner - had some issues with downloading that John R. has taken care of. So once again, a lot of information is coming your way; plus a few pictures.

  • The Annual Meeting was held this past Wednesday. Minutes will be posted soon. 
  • The Organizational Meeting has been re-scheduled for January 22, Wednesday, in our Social Room. attendance is always encouraged at all meetings! This is your house and you should know what is going on!! Get involved.
  • Maintenance fees were due on January 15! If you have not paid, you are being charged a late fee and interest!! As a side note, if your bank does your payment, please advise them to process the payment so that it reaches our office BY the due date.
  • Information has been forwarded to you regarding the REQUIRED shutter inspection. Please return the permission form and your check as quickly as possible. Inspections are scheduled for the last week of February. 
  • Premier Plumbing has offered a special price  ($49.99) for AC checks - this is your option - NOT required. Premier Plumbing will schedule the appointments and collect the money. 
  • In regards to the bike room and the bikes inside of it - we are going to start over since we did not have much of a response to our first request. EVERY bike will have to be re-registered with the office immediately. Bikes that are not claimed by June 1, 2014, will be given for donation. If you know you have a bike here, please contact me (Lorie) in the office. Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue!!
  • If you are a pet owner, PLEASE review the Rules & Regulations! We have had instances of "waste" from dogs in the elevator and on the catwalks. a copy of the Rules & Regulations can be found in the Lobby on the chest by the office window.
  • The POA has constructed an extension for the steps leading to the beach. Please always use caution when you are accessing the beach. 
  • The Social Committee has a schedule of events for the Season. Copies are available by the office! Looks like you are always going to have something to do! A great group of people are in this building, socializing leads to friendships.

Working on the temporary stairs

And we had some rain......

Have a good weekend, stay warm and see you Monday!

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